About Us

Reduce Logistics Challenges with ACGI Cargo Logistics

Serving all ports of entry to Canada, ACGI Cargo Logistics is a team with decades of experience in the import and export industries. Our experts are committed to helping clients resolve their unique logistics challenges and providing custom solutions to ensure safe transit of goods across Canada and the United States.

Why Turn to ACGI Cargo Logistics?

  • Experience

Our experience within the industry means we can help you with all logistical challenges while ensuring your costs are consolidated. We understand the latest regulations and can help you ensure your cargo arrives safely to its destination.

  • Network

Our network is among the most diverse in the industry today. We’re a member in good standing of the Global Alliance Corporation and we have a network of agents around the world to help guide you in managing your transportation challenges. Access to this network means there’s always a specialist on-hand to provide clear guidance.

  • Customized solution

When you turn to ACGI Cargo Logistics, you’ll immediately be placed into contact with a real person who can answer your questions and help you move forward. Our team is trained to provide a personal level of support our competitors simply can’t match. It’s a service that combines personalized support with long-standing marketplace expertise to ensure you find the ideal cost-efficient solution to all logistics needs.

The team at ACGI Cargo Logistics is available now to help you learn more on your customs and logistics options. To speak with an expert at our offices directly, call us now!

Our Logistics Manager

Adel El Samahy

GM Logistics Division

Thank you for visiting our website! At ACGI Logistics, we are a team of experienced shipping professionals doing what they enjoy most, which is providing solutions! With so many freight forwarding options available, it is often difficult to find one that feels right, listens to your needs, and delivers what they say they will.
Our culture is to treat our customers as partners; our success is dependent on your success. Like a partnership, the relationship must be beneficial to both parties and sustainable for the long term. Only then can it truly succeed and bring real value to all involved. Our team at ACGI Cargo Logistics is your partner for finding real solutions to your supply and distribution challenges. Cross-country, across the border, or around the world – the ACGI team will find a shipping solution that is right for you.
I am proud to be a part of this team and all of us at ACGI Logistics are looking forward to serving you.

Adel El Samahy, GM Logistics Division