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ACGI Cargo Logistics is a leading customs broker in Canada. Finding the most efficient means of transporting your goods is how we’ve become one of the leaders in the customs brokerage field. We’ve helped thousands of customers assure safe travel for their freight across borders and to towns throughout North America. Our network is among the most comprehensive in the industry today, and this means we can help you with all international trade challenges, from tariffs to documentation. ACGI’s custom specialists offer their expertise to keep customers aware of any regulations changes and to assist customers during customs audits.

Choose ACGI Cargo Logistics for:

Fully automated processing

We operate one of the most efficient customs processing tools in the marketplace today. This means we can help eliminate documentation issues and reduce the time it takes to ensure your goods reach their destination.

Customs experience

There’s no challenge we haven’t faced and overcome as part of our customs brokerage services. We work with clients to ensure they have all the permits they need to manage international transit networks seamlessly. We can help meet CFIA/NRCAN/SIMA/Transport Canada requirements and ensure you’re in full compliance with NAFTA & CEUT regulations.

Affordable options

Our goal at ACGI Cargo Logistics is to help clients find the most affordable means of ensuring their freight makes its way to the destination while complying with all national and international regulations. We’ll create various strategies and look at which options best suit your unique requirements to ensure we only choose the most affordable and efficient logistical solution.

Our experts at ACGI Cargo Logistics are here to help you manage all customs challenges and ensure your freight arrives at its destination in the ideal condition. We work to save you money and reduce the time it takes to complete complex imports and exports. To discover more, book a consultation with our trusted team today!

Our customs specialists are here to assist with the challenges of international trade and can offer guidance with:

Whatever the needs and requirements, we specifically cater our brokerage services to best suit each individual client.  Our goal is to provide the best possible service for our customers and ensure that their requirements are efficiently, effectively and sufficiently met. We take customer service seriously.

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